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Governing Board

The Governing Board holds an important public office and we are keen to share our identity with you, our school community and the wider community. Our governance arrangements are all available from this webpage for you to view.

We contribute to many aspects of school life at Wessington. Our children are to be congratulated for their conduct and achievements over such a wide range of activities, which also reflects the enthusiatic and dedicated teamwork of our school staff and the valued support of parents and friends. Working together in partnership, we shall continue to do our best for our children so they can develop as happy, confident and successful learners.

To achieve this we aim to:

  • work to maintain and raise the standards at the school;
  • ensure the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum for all children as a rich educational experience provided in a safe, secure and caring environment;
  • provide a stategic overview to inform the strategic improvement of the school;
  • act as excellent employers in valuing and supporting the school staff;
  • represent a breadth of views to ensure that the school serves and contributes to the wider community;
  • ensure the optimum use of the school's resources to provide best value for money.


Kind regards

Cath Pilsbury

Governing Board Chair