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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Head Teacher

Mrs Karen Maycock



Class Teachers


Nursery and Reception (Butterfly Class)       Mrs K Easom and Mrs F Sharpe

Year 1 and 2                 (Fish Class)              Mr L Porter

Year 3 and 4                 (Stick Insect Class)  Mrs H Batchford

Year 5 and 6                 (Snail Class)             Mrs P Grosvenor


Teaching Assistants


Nursery and Reception (Butterfly Class)         Mrs D Briddon

Year 1 and 2                 (Fish Class)                Mrs A Bradshaw

Year 3 and 4                 (Stick Insect Class)    Miss S Filmer

Year 5 and 6                 (Snail Class)              Mrs L Greenwood

Senior School Business Assistant


Mrs Y Lack


School Cooks


Mrs L Butterworth

Mrs S  Murtaugh


Midday Meal Supervisors


Mrs A Bradshaw

Miss E Vine

Mrs D Briddon


School Caretaker


Mr Nathan Hilliyard




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