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Our gifts for Tuishime School in Tanzania!

Our gifts for Tuishime School in Tanzania! 1
Our gifts for Tuishime School in Tanzania! 2

Welcome to our Enterprise Club page!


What is Enterprise Club about?


At Enterprise Club, we like to introduce the children to the idea of commerce and finance.  They are given an opportunity to come up with ideas for making money, which they then actually put into practice.  The children will then be given a chance to help decide what the money is to be spent on.


Previously, the children have made Christmas decorations and  wellington boot planters which were sold at the school Christmas Fair.  Some of the money that was raised was used to then buy stickers and art books which the children sent to Tuishime School in Tanzania which the school has links with.  The children also wrote letters to the children there to let them know all about themselves and what they did.


Following on from a very successful year last year, the children have already been very busy with new projects.


Our first project of the year was in support of Breast Cancer Care, a charity very close to the hearts of all in the school.  The Club children made pink ribbons which were decorated with brightly coloured pink buttons.  They also made bracelets, again using a pink theme. 


During our 'Afternoon Tea' during which the children served cream teas to visitors, the Enterprise Club children went around the visitors selling their ribbons and bracelets.  All of the money raised was added to the grand total of the Afternoon Tea donations.   The children sold about 50 bracelets and ribbons so a great job, well done!


Eager to keep going, a new project was started.  This time we decided on making a Remembrance Garden for the school garden.  The children painted a poppy on stones and then sold the stones to parents in the playground.  On the morning of Remembrance Day, all of the stones were put on the garden for our very own Remembrance Garden.   This will now remain a feature at the school.  All of the donations received from selling the stones were donated to the Poppy Appeal.


Our latest venture is 'Make £5.00 Blossom'.   This is a scheme which some of the older children have had the chance to take part in in past years.  The children have split into teams and each team has come up with a team name.  (details of these to follow!)  They are then given £5.00 per team, which they can then use to buy goods, services or any other items they may need in order to produce items to sell at the Christmas Fair in December (we hope you will all come and support this!).  Some of their ideas so far include cupcakes, decorations and many other surprises we don't want to spoil.


Come and see us at the Fair and support the children with their great efforts.



....... what can I say but all that hard work really paid off for Enterprise Club.


Having spent a few weeks collating and making their goods to sell at the Christmas Fair, the children all 'manned' their stations and stood proud selling to their hearts content.


Team Dudda

decided to make salt dough tree decorations for their stall.  Firstly they wrote a letter to Tesco's to see if they could possibly donate the salt and flour they would need and then the decided on their designs.  A few days after the letter being dropped in to the local store at Alfreton, Mrs Cousins had a phone call to say that the items Team Dudda needed were ready to be collected - what a wonderful surprise and great for the children who did not spend any of their £5.00!!!


Having made the dough up, the team then went on to make (and cook) their decorations and then spent a few days painting and decorating them.  Trees were brought in for the display and they were very professional in how they arranged their stall, selling almost every item made! 


In total, they raised £19.70 which they are wishing to be donated to The Heart Foundation.


Team Trio of Trouble (very aptly named!)

went down the route of making Christmas Shortbread biscuits for their stall.  Having also written to Tesco's and had all of their ingredients (and some decorations) donated, once again no money was spent making this profit all the way!  As there are three members in the team, they divided the goodies into three and each took a batch home to make their cookies which were then brought into school for decorating.  Mrs Smith was an angel in helping with this lovely messy task, keeping most of the icing on the biscuits and not the table!


The team had decided that they wanted all of their monies raised to go to MIND and raised a handsome total of £29.40 so well done guys, a great effort and the biscuits were delicious!


Team Rainbow

were quite industrious although they had chosen quite a more time consuming activity.  They asked for donations of old CD's from parents and had a healthy response to this.  They then proceeded to cut them into Christmas shapes and cover them with gift wrap to make them into decorations for hanging on a tree. 


Although they perhaps didn't get as many made as they hoped (despite all other teams helping!) they still made enough to sell at the fair and raised a wonderful total of£16.70 which is going to be sent to the RSPCA.  Again, all your hard work paid off so well done!


Team Phoenix

The final team in the Club and by no means the last!   Team Phoenix again went down the route of decorations, this time opting for pine cone reindeers (which were very cute!).  Having sourced all the items needed for nothing, yet again everything was profit!  Giving them help with the glue gun (adults only of course!) left them with the need to paint on eyes and make the antlers ready to be stuck on too.


The cute little creatures went really well, selling out quite quickly, even the 'special' little reindeer who was only a baby and had no antlers!


Again, all the money raised, a grand sum of £18.75 is to be donated to charity, this time it is for the Dog's Trust.


For my part, having all of the children be so involved in coming up with ideas and executing them to such a high standard has been a wonderful experience.  I cannot thank them enough for all their hard work.


We did of course have a celebratory hot chocolate (complete with marshmallows and squirty cream and biscuits) by way of celebration as you can see.


Once again everyone, thanks to all who worked hard making their goods, all who donated items and especially to everyone who came and spent their money at the stalls - FANTASTIC!!!!!