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Governor Visits to School

Governing Boards have a statutory responsibility to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the school and its curriculum.

Visiting school is an important part of the role of the Governor to ensure:

  •  We know the strengths and weaknesses of the school and the impact of the Governing Board on school improvement
  •  We have a better understanding of how the school works, what happens in the classroom and what progress is being made towards the school improvement plan


Informal visits are made by Governors, these include:

  •  Volunteering in school, for example: listening to children read, supporting forest schools, gardening with the children,
  •  Supporting school events, for example: school performances, celebration assemblies, fundraising events, sports day, educational visits


Formal visits by Governors are to gather evidence for the whole school evaluation. Governors are required to produce reports for these and give feedback to the full Governing Board.


Not all governor visits are published on our website due to the confidential nature of them. This includes safeguarding.


All of these visits are agreed in advance with the Head teacher.


Governor visits are not used to make judgements about teaching practice.