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Snow Letter

Wednesday 9th January 2019

Dear Parents

School Closures
Just a short reminder/clarification regarding school closure in severe weather conditions bearing in mind the time of year.
We try not to close the school but safety is paramount and must be the priority.
Any decision to close school takes into account a variety of factors, including teachers and pupils being able to get safely to school and the staff/pupil ratio if there are any absences.
If there is severe snowfall, the main way we communicate any closure is a message through the Parenthub app and we will try to make any decision by 8.00am.
In addition to this, the decision to close will be put onto the school website and we will also inform Derbyshire County Council and they will update their website with any school closure notifications – however we have found in the past that there can be a delay in us relaying the information and it appearing on the website.
Hopefully we’ll just have glorious sunshine all year!

Kind regards
Mrs Karen Maycock