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Visions and Values

Wessington Primary School Ethos


We are a small school which brings a range of advantages:

- we know our children individually;

- we encourage a caring family atmosphere;

- we nurture confident children who have high self-esteem, ready to face new situations and challenges.


Our Vision:

To keep children at the heart of all we do in a high quality learning environment which is safe, caring, stimulating and enjoyable.



We challenge our children to:

- develop their full potential in all they do by making the most of every opportunity;

become responsible, independent learners with lively, enquiring and creative minds;

- prepare for life beyond the school gate through a love of learning in an ever-changing world;

- adopt respect, tolerance and understanding of all people in Modern Britain and our world-wide community;

- make positive contributions as they grow as responsible and conscientious citizens.


The Children, Staff, Parents and Governors will continuously review

the high quality learning environment and experiences that we provide.