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What have we learned this week?

June 16th

We have continued reading and working on 'Street Child' in our English lessons.  

In KUW we worked in groups to research one event that has changed history - from the introduction of the Welfare state to the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Next week we will present all our findings to the rest of the class. 

We have enjoyed playing cricket and rounders in PE.

We have also spent time practising sand preparing our end of term play - tickets will be out soon!

June 9th 2017

We have started reading the book 'Street Child' in English.  We hve been using the text to find out about all of the characters.  

Science this term is looking at habitats and the environment - we did an experiment that showed about  the greenhouse effect.  

In KUW we have been looking at events that changed history.  This week we wrote a newspaper article telling everyone about the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939.  It was this that started World War II.

In other lessons we are practising our songs for the play at the end of term and have some extra cricket coaching in PE.

February 24th 2017

This week we went back 5000 years and started to find out about the Ancient Egyptians.  We wrote our names in hieroglyphics and began to find out about their everyday life.

In ICT we produced a branching database to identify different animals by thinking up a question to identify different features. 

Our maths has been focused on percentages and solving word problems with percentages.


February 3rd 2017:

In our science lesson this week we designed and made our own buzzer games - you need a steady hand to beat the buzzer!  

We have revised the features of recount and report writing and put our skills into practise based on the text 'The Emperor's New Clothes'.

Our maths work has been written and mental methods for multiplication and dividing larger numbers.  We learnt - or revised - what a factor and multiple was and found lowest common multiples and highest common factors. Can you remember what a factor and a multiple is?

January 27th 2017 ;

We have learnt all about Lord and Lady Macbeth and retold their story using modern day language.

Can you remember who was Macbeth's friend whom he had killed?

We have worked on our multimedia presentations on either 'Rivers' or 'Electricity'.  

Year 6 solved problems with pie charts in maths but decided " I prefer the ones you eat!"

How many'Great Rivers of the World' can you name? ... And the continent they are in?


January 20th 2017:


We have learnt how to keep safe with electricity in the home.

Can you remember all the symbols used in electric circuit diagrams?

We have studied estuaries and how mudflats and salt marshes are formed.  Can you remember what wildlife you might find there?

We now know why the celebrities look so good in all their photos, don't we? What do the editors of the magazines do to the photos?



Friday 25th November 2016:


Where do the stories of '1001 Nights' originate from?

What stories do  you know from '1001 Nights'?

What does RUCSAC mean?

What have you learned about the Earth and Space?

What have you learned in French this week?


Thursday 17th November 2016:

  • " this just a certain subject? We have learned about 'Scheherezade and the 1001 Nights'. We have planned an alternative ending to the original story," explained Joseph.
  • Spencer added: "In every class we work really hard to learn lots of things such as 'The Highwayman', shape and other things."
  • "So the Snail Class," began Josh, "are learning about longitude and latitude in Geography as well as continents."
  • "How can we remember the difference between longitude and latitude?" asked Mrs Cousins.